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Original poster: "Nathan Morris by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <themfam-at-home-dot-com>

Hello all,
This is the current status of my coil and some questions that have come up
along the way.
4 x 19 inch Secondary: 1600+ turns of #20 mag wire, complete with a modified
antique glass insulator for a torroid mount.
Primary:  The form is complete and will be wound with close to 50 feet of red
insulated, stranded 10 AWG.
Variac: 3.75 amps 145 VAC out, fused at 10amps and will be used to boost my
tranny. (Will not be used on first light run)
Trannys: 2 each 12kv 30ma NSTs. (Only one will be used on first light run)
MMC:  Two rows of four oil filled porcelain caps found on ebay for a total of
Static gap: 4 pair of contacts, each individually adjustable.
1) What is a good distance to set my gaps at for tuning?
2) How critical is coupling and what sounds like a reasonable K for me?
3) Who would like to sell me a spun aluminum torroid without dents?
4) Is there any way to do a low voltage set up first? I have a function
generator and a scope and would like to incorporate them into the tuning
5) Does anyone know where I can find some information on the Teslathon in Ft.
Worth Texas?
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has an original TC built by the
man himself.  It was nice to revel in his handy work although I was put-off by
the lack information at the display.  There were no more than 40 words!  Talk
about a missed opportunity.  I couldn't believe it.  The next time I get
inspired, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry will be hearing from me
about it.
Thanks for reading,
--Nate  Arlington TX