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My PT is loud!

Original poster: "Drew Murray by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <drewallmighty-at-hotmail-dot-com>

I am almost finished my coil. I took everyones advice and redid my primary. 
I don't want to risk cooking my secondary with the Vertical helix primary. I 
have finished winding my 8" x 32" pvc secondary. I gave the pipe a thin coat 
of poly before i started winding. I didn't have much left in the can as i 
used it for my last coil. I have all of the current limiting and power 
control equipment set up for the PT and i have been having fun watching the 
heat waves totally distort the wall behind it from my jacobs ladder. It can 
climb untill the flame is something like 5" long. Anyway,
I have been experimenting with around 323 1 gallon zip lock bags with the 
zip locks cut off, and some foil plates, trying to make a capacitor. I 
noticed that if i got the capacitance way too high, and i turned up the 
variac to the pt, no sparks would jump the 1/2" saftey gap on the pt. It 
worked with a 16 wine bottle salt water cap! When i turned it up to around 
60% A really loud buzzing/humming noise would come from either the PT or the 
capacitor, which i have watched vibrate voilently before. It would stay loud 
until i turned everything off. What the heck is happening here? It is a 
120:4200  -at- 1000va, but i have been feeding 300v into it from a step up 
transformer, so i can get 10500v out of it. 4200 just wasn't enough. and 
could somebody show me how to get the right size capacitor with my zip lock 
bags and aluminum plates? I really need to know this.
                                                       The Young coiler
                                                        Drew Murray
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