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> Hello all, 
> This is the current status of my coil and some questions that have come up 
> along the way. 
> 4 x 19 inch Secondary: 1600+ turns of #20 mag wire, complete with a modified 
> antique glass insulator for a torroid mount. 
> Primary:  The form is complete and will be wound with close to 50 feet of 
> red 
> insulated, stranded 10 AWG. 
> Variac: 3.75 amps 145 VAC out, fused at 10amps and will be used to boost my 
> tranny. (Will not be used on first light run) 
> Trannys: 2 each 12kv 30ma NSTs. 

Thanks for reading, 
--Nate  Arlington TX 

Hi Nate! 

Just a couple of quick thoughts to ponder: 

1. How do you plan to tap an insulated primary? 
2. Your Variac is rated for ~ 550 W power, your two trannies will draw at 
least 720 W. 
How do you plan to cool your Variac? 
3. With a 10 amp fuse protecting a 3.75amp Variac, won't the Variac smoke to 
protect the fuse?  I have 15-Amp fuse protection on a 20-Amp rated Variac to 
an NST that should only draw 8.35Amps Max, but where I live fuses are much 
cheaper than Variacs. 

Matt D.