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I will be tapping the primary using "Tap Splices".  They are like clips that
slide over the insulation and snap into place.  A sharp conductor that makes
contact with the wire  is forced through the insulation during the snapping
process.  Any supply house should have them.  I will only be running one
tranny off the variac at a time (at first).  I have the variac over fused on
a recommendation I received off the list from a fellow coiler who, like
myself, has an interest in getting as much power out of things as possible.
I like having a small variac and the ability to give my tranny a boost for
short runs. Its power output rating is 543.75 W.  I figure one NST will draw
360 W.  No problem with that set up, the ten amp fuse is for when I will
inevitably go for the two NST's in parallel.  I have the equipment to run my
coil with 4 different configurations.  Although I haven't done any of them,
this is my plan.
1) Single tranny no boost
2) Single tranny with variac boost
3) Dual matched paralled tranneys no boost
4) Dual matched paralled tranneys with variac boost
For the final configuration, I am only squeezing an additional 176.25 W out
of my variac.  I have been advised that I should be able to fuse it at 10
amps for short runs.  Having read your reply I think I will change my fuse
rating to 3 amps (435 W) on configuration 2, and 5 amps (725W) for
configuration 4.


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> > Hello all,
> > This is the current status of my coil and some questions that have come
> > along the way.
> > 4 x 19 inch Secondary: 1600+ turns of #20 mag wire, complete with a
> > antique glass insulator for a torroid mount.
> > Primary:  The form is complete and will be wound with close to 50 feet
> > red
> > insulated, stranded 10 AWG.
> > Variac: 3.75 amps 145 VAC out, fused at 10amps and will be used to boost
> > tranny. (Will not be used on first light run)
> > Trannys: 2 each 12kv 30ma NSTs.
> Thanks for reading,
> --Nate  Arlington TX
> Hi Nate!
> Just a couple of quick thoughts to ponder:
> 1. How do you plan to tap an insulated primary?
> 2. Your Variac is rated for ~ 550 W power, your two trannies will draw at
> least 720 W.
> How do you plan to cool your Variac?
> 3. With a 10 amp fuse protecting a 3.75amp Variac, won't the Variac smoke
> protect the fuse?  I have 15-Amp fuse protection on a 20-Amp rated Variac
> an NST that should only draw 8.35Amps Max, but where I live fuses are much
> cheaper than Variacs.
> Matt D.