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Re: Looking for plans/materials for a tube type coil and a question.

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>  I am looking to build a tube type coil that would put out a little more 
>  that. Between 8" to 12" and would like to get some url's or plans for such 
>  coil as well as maybe names of companies to buy the plastic for the
>  secondary and primary.


ONe of the best ways to build a power supply for a tube coil is
to use an MOT with a level-shifter.  This combines the oven diode
and cap, to create an AC doubler circuit.  An MOT can give a 10"
to 12" spark without the level-shifter.  By adding the level shifter,
you can get 20" sparks.  By knocking out the MOT shunts, you
can get 24" sparks, even using a small 3" by 12" secondary coil
for the VTTC.  The advantage of using an MOT is it is rather
lightweight and small for it's power output.  The advantage of the
level shifter is it makes the transformer more efficient, and of
course doubles the voltage.  VTTC's do a lot better when the
voltage is higher.