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Re: high power resistor

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> HI All, 
>    I have been looking around for cheap source of resistors too use in 
> my DC power supply project. I have looked at the various options and 
> they are all outside my present budget. (around 150 dollars) this is for 
> a 1 kw 5 k ohm resistor. I want to try making one using nichrome wire as 
> this should be considerably cheaper. Anyone tried this?. It just rankles 
> to have to spend so much on a resistor :-(( Don't mind spending this 
> amount on something like a transformer on a cap, but a resistor? 
> cheers 
> bob golding 

Hi Bob, list, 

Have you considered using a string of resistors (MMR)? Mouser Electronics < 
www.sales-at-mouser-dot-com>has 500-ohm 100-watt resistors for $8.23. A string of 10 
would be $82.30 stock # 588-L100J-value, or 5 of their 225W 1K-ohm -at- $11.94 
would be ~$60.00 # 588-L225J-value. These are brand-new Ohmites. I'm not 
pushing their brand, just an example. 

Lightning in the Hills of WVa. 
Matt D.