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MOT problems/strange MOT?...Please Help!!

Original poster: "Mike Waddick by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Mikew-at-winternet-dot-com>

Hello all,
I am currently working on a dual MOT power supply with voltage doublers/level
shifters. The mots i got i have no specs on, but i got a mesured output voltage
of 2kv, this seems about right. the Two Mots are exactly the same and they run
at the same voltage. The cores are hooked together as ushual. For my level
shifter i used two 2100v 1uf MOT caps on each leg of the mots and i used 2
strings of 22 1n4007 diodes. It is set up just like every other MOT power
supply out there. One thing that seems to be alittle different from each design
is the connection between the middle of the diodes and GND. I have it connected
to GND.
Ok this seems all right doesn't it? 
Well one thing is my MOTS are alittle wierd, if someone has ever seen this type
please give me alittle info. Well the MOTS are alittle wierd because they have
three HV outputs. There is on to the core and there are 2 on the secondary
windings. The ones on the secondary windings are kind of wierd. They are both
connected to the core and one has a resistance to the core of 60 ohms and the
other has a resistance of 100 ohms. Between the two termianls there is a 1 ohm
difference. If i short the two outputs on the secondary it starts to burn and
gives some smoke, but the MOTS seem fine. They both are connected to the core.
I even have tryed connecting one of the outputs to the core, and all it does is
draw ALOT of current. I also mesured the output of both of the terminals to GND
and i got the same voltage. Can anyone explain these MOT's?
The thing that seems to be very unushual is that i am only getting 3kv per leg
after the level shifters. This doesnt seem right. That means the level shifters
are only giveing a 1kv increase. This is the same if the MOT's primarys are in
phase or out of phase. It makes no difference it still gives a final output of
3kv per leg. 
I have tryed everything i can think of and i have asked everyone i know and i
have gotten responces from "that circuit isnt a voltage doubler"  to "Your MOTs
are bad".
So any help would be very helpful.
Thanks alot,
Mike Waddick