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Re: Variacs for Sale?

Original poster: "Steve Rosenthal by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <sdrosen-at-cwia-dot-com>

That's was a real good deal, I got one 50amp for $130 and shipping of  $25
which I thought was a good deal (it's a real lunker), funny... I just did a
search on Ebay for "variac" and came back with none, but I am sure there
will be more, so keep looking.


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> Original poster: "Duke, Ronn (CCI-San Diego CCC) by way of Terry Fritz
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> Matt,
> Deals can be had on eBay for Variacs. About 6 months ago I was looking
> for Variacs for the Tesla coil I was building. I got two 30 amp Variacs
> that were stacked for $124 including shipping,( the box weighed 99 lbs.)
> that's $62 each! (my bid was $78). I split them for my use, took them
> apart, cleaned the contacts and the brushes, put them back together, and
> they work beautifully. These are not small units, the core is about 12"
> in diameter and were surplus items from an electronics lab.  I also bid
> about a month after that on three stacked Variacs that were rated at 8
> 1/2 amps a piece. I put in a last minute bid of $38, and got it! These
> were surplus also, but in prime condition. I paid $66 including
> shipping. Both of these buys were from Texmart out of Texas.( I live in
> San Diego, Ca.) They specialize in surplus resale. I split these as well
> to use them for testing and SRSG phase control. ( Thanks John F.)  If
> you look around you can get a better deal on surplus than you can on
> 'made up' Variacs. (i.e. metal case, built in outlet, fused, etc.) Keep
> your eyes peeled, (That has got to hurt!), an offer will come along that
> you can't refuse!
> Keep on Coilin,
> Sparky
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> Subject: Variacs for Sale?
> Original poster: "Matt Segal by way of Terry Fritz
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> Hi. I just getting into coiling, and I was wondering if anybody
> had an
> "extra"
> variac that they weren't using that they would be willing to
> sell? (To limit
> the voltage into my xfrmr). 120vAC input, maybe 10A? If you do,
> email me off
> list if you are interested in selling. Thanks for your time.
> ~Matt Segal
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