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Re: first light - 2kW 4.5" coil - underperformance!

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>


33nF was for a sync rotary gap not a static gap.  A 12/180 would need a
resonant value of 40nF.  A static gap LTR value of 56nF.  And a sync gap LTR
value of 104nF (close to 99nF).  Johnathon is correct that you can simply
multiply the capacitor needs to get to a match for a particular NST current. 
The static gap tables are at:




At 11:01 PM 6/15/2001 -0400, you wrote: 
> Hi Joe, All, 
>       Now I'm the most farthest from expert person on this list, but I did 
> notice one thing.  I remember Terry telling me that I'd need 18nF for my 
> 12/60 with a static SG, or about 33nF for an RSG. With your 12/184 you'd need
> about 99nF (becuse (180/60=3 then  33*3=99)). 
>       I don't know if those 2 maxwells count for your total tank 
> capacitance, but lets say they do. you have two 30nf caps in series on one 
> leg ( the maxwell and your, (30/2)=15nF, and 30 on the other. 30 and 15 in 
> paralell is 45nf. Half of what you should have. 
>       Now lets say they don't count for the total tank capacitance. You only 
> have 30nf. Less than a third of the required capacitance. 
>       Either way, you need more tank capacitance. What I would do is 
> parallel all three of your caps for 90nf. 
>       List, tell me what you think... 
> --------------------------------------- 
> Jonathon Reinhart 
> hometown.aol-dot-com/kidd6488/tesla