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Re: ~Is this safe to test

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The original plans for how to make rolled poly caps said to connect the cap
across a H.V. transformer and slowly, over hours, increase the voltage.  I
think this was maybe to be an aide to getting the trapped air out of the cap. 
I did not have a vacuum pump.  As you might expect, this burned up a perfectly
good 12 kv, 60 ma transformer.

Ed Sonderman

> Hi,
> I would NOT do this.  Three problems:
> The cap size and the transformer size may be resonant.  If the output
> inductance of the NST and the capacitor tune to the 60Hz line frequency, the
> voltage will sky rocket to like 80,000 volts!  That will blow something up.
> This may saturate the current limiting shunts in the NST which can have the
> same effect as the above or cause damage due to very high current.
> There is nothing to limit the short circuit current from the capacitor.  You
> would be charging the cap up to say 20,000 volts and then placing a dead
> short
> on it.  The current will be enormous in that case.  It would sound like a
> machine gun.
> Cheers,
>         Terry
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> > ....and how should I power it up....just plug it in?
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> > I just want to test the cap and gap together......
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> > Kinda cheesy graphics, but hey...it does the job!  :)