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Re: Soldering Litz wire

Original poster: "Jim Lux by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net>

I've always used the bunsen burner approach... A bit less hot than the full
bore propane torch so it doesn't melt/oxidize the copper, but hot enough to
carbonize the enamel insulation.  Then, you plunge the end into a molten
solder pot (a 1/2" copper pipe cap works real well as a mini solder pot) and
the carbon/ash floats off.  Tin with rosin or any convenient electronic flux
and solder away...

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> > Is there a commonly available solvent for enamel wire insulation?  I'm
> > trying to solder some heavy gauge Litz wire, but the insulation looks
> > regular enamel.  Immersing it in a solder pot does nothing.
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> > Thanks in advance, Gary Lau
> > MA, USA
> There's always the time-honored method of heating the bundle red hot
> with a torch and then removing the insulation with fine steel wool.
> Works but time consuming.  Some of the formic-acid based wire strippers
> work fairly well if you dunk several times and wait patiently for the
> enamel to loosen.  I have a 30 year old bottle of Lonco stripper (don't
> know if it's even available any more - EPA,etc) which I've kept more or
> less alive by regular doses of water and alcohol.  There are probably
> other satisfactory chemical wire strippers but don't have any info on
> them.
> A method which a friend of mine swears will work is to put the wire on
> top of an  aspirin tablet and apply a well-tinned soldering iron.  He
> says the insulation will come off after the aspirin melts (don't know if
> aspirin tables melt) and the wire will be nicely tinned.  I haven't
> tried it myself as I don't want to ruin my soldering iron tips.  I
> intend to dig out the old 100 watt American Beauty some time and give it
> a try.  Why doesn't someone here try and report results?
> Ed