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Re: MMC problems

Original poster: "teri mckenney" <mck-at-ezy-dot-net> 

Hey John,
This is a long shot, but just out of curiosity does you're mmc hook up to
the innermost turn of you're primary or to the outside (tap point)? I push
my little mmc
all the time and hence pop a cap every so often. Nine times out of ten it's
the second one from the end of a string, the other time's it's the end one.I
try different things all the time including trying it both ways(inside and
outside). I popped more when my mmc was hooked up to the outer turn.I don't
know if it's
coincedence or not? Anymore , I keep it hooked up to the inner turn.
Bill Mck.

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 > Original poster: "John Richardson" <jprich-at-up-dot-net>
 > Hi Terry and those who have helped me,
 > I finally got my meters in place, and can give some more info into what my
 > coil is drawing.  Again, these are short runs, as I can't run things
 > yet.  For anyone who may not remember, I had the caps blowing on my
 > 12000/120 system