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New bipolar

Original poster: "John Richardson" <jprich-at-up-dot-net> 


Just would like to run this past anyone who has built a bipolar, and see 
what they think.  I've never built one, and am open to advice.  Killing 
time until I can run the big TC outside!

Lately I've been into building small TCs, and would like to keep the guts 
for this one in an 8" by 12" enclosure, with the only external item, 
excluding primary and secondary, being the gap.

Secondary:  12 inches of #32 heavy build.
Primary:  1/8" soft Cu tubing, turns to be determined with scrap wire after 
assembled before made permanent.
Cap:  MMC array, out of .15 CD 942s, close as I can get to .0133.
Trans:  The smallest and cutest little 9/30 on the planet.
Gap:  3 or 4 gap tungsten.

Even though the trans is small, space in my chosen enclosure size will 
still be limited, so I plan to run the MMC bank in an equidrive 
arrangement.  Are there any inherent disadvantages to this?  And, after I 
determine the number of capacitors required, and if that amount is odd 
instead of even, can there be an even number on one side and an odd number 
on the other?  I wouldn't think this would matter, but I've learned to 
expect the unexpected with these things.

Lastly, there seems to be limited sites with bipolars, so if anyone has a 
link, I would appreciate it.

Thanks as usual,

John Richardson