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Derating of voltage [was: ALCON Capacitors for MMC]

Original poster: "Rajesh Seenivasan" <rajeshkvs-at-hotmail-dot-com> 


The data sheet for capacitors (used for MMC) says that
"All capacitors will withstand the rated sinusoidal AC voltage upto 10kHz at
an ambient of +25 dec C.
For operation at higher frequencies derating of voltage will be necessary."

How do we derate the voltage ? Does it mean that many capacitors should be
added in series to withstand
the voltage generated across the capacitors when operating at/near resonant
frequency ?
How can this voltage be calculated ?

The data sheet has a graph drawn between FREQUENCY and DISSIPATION FACTOR
( read Tan delta )
Does this graph help us to calculate voltage derating ?

Thanks in advance.