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Re: MOSFET eating Beast tamed!

Original poster: "claude masetto" <claudmas-at-optusnet-dot-com.au> 

Hi Sue,
What kind of circuit are you using for your self resonant  SSTC.

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Subject: MOSFET eating Beast tamed!

 > Original poster: "S.Gaeta" <sgtporky-at-prodigy-dot-net>
 > Well, I finally tamed my MOSFET eating beast!
 > I completely started over, and used a slightly different circuit. I had to
 > work out a few bugs with that too, but I powered it up with 120 volts AC
 > last night and the MOSFETs only got slightly warm. The output looks, and
 > sounds much better now. No more screaching parasitic like noises. My
 > waveforms look much better now too, but I haven't posted those pix yet.
 > The new and improved 'Beast II' can be seen at
 > http://community.webshots-dot-com/album/113763981zJBnik
 > The last 3 pictures are the new ones.
 > Cheers,
 > Sue