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Re: Run capacitors for PFC capacitors?

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net> 

 > Hi John,
 > A five minute magnifier run (no power factor correction) at 12KW costs
 > fifteen cents at the electric rates we pay here in upstate New York
 > which are close to the highest in the nation. That's pretty cheap
 > entertainment!
 > Interesting talk on the list of folks blowing MMC caps. I thought they
 > were supposed to be the be all and end all of Tesla coil capacitors and
 > were, for all practical purposes, indestructible, according to our list
 > moderator. :^) Hmmmmmm.
 > Happy Spring to you in upper Michigan!
 > Ed Wingate RATCB

	As for the MMC's, with a little talent you can blow up just about
anything!  Of course, in this case I haven't tried any and I don't have
a big enough transformer to make any difference anyway, so perhaps I
shouldn't speak up.