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Re: square coil

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net> 

"Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com>

The Corum's and a few others have built squarish or oval shaped
wherein they placed two secondary's of differing geometries.  The
were trying to produce fireballs/plasmaballs.  The other unit I saw pics
and don't recall their intent.  I've been wanting to replicate what the
Corum's were up to but add a powdered graphite injection system that
the graphite into the discharge with argon.  Can you imagine the
photographs that would produce?


	A friend of mine tried putting a piece of burning rubber insulation off
a wire onto the upper terminal and firing up the coil.  Got things which
sure looked like fire balls but not at all spectacular since it was a
small coil.  (Maybe a piece of water hose would work with one of the big
coils!)  Somewhere I have some pictures of the experiment.