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Original poster: "steve" <steve_vance-at-cablelynx-dot-com> 

I ran my coil tonight at 3kva after modifying the srsg to run at 120 bps. I
didn't notice a big difference switching from 240 bps except every once in a
while a monster streamer would form. It would start when my safety gap would
fire then continue to grow for a few more bangs. After seeing this happen a
few times I decided to un hook my spark gap motor and turn the disk so the
electrodes were the maximum distance apart. I put my shop-vac on my safety
gap and wow, with a little adjusting I was getting streamers about 25%
longer. I even got a few ground hits, that's 6 feet! That never happened
with the srsg. Now I know the first thing that comes to mind is that my srsg
wasn't set right but, I have a phase adjuster so I was able to adjust it
for maximum spark length. I thought a srsg was the way to go but, now I'm
not so sure. Has anyone else had a similar experience?  The only thing that
I can think of is that the air flow quenches the gap faster. I guess adding
a blower to my srsg would give the same effect but why have a complex srsg
when a sucker gap works just as good. Or does it? Am I missing something

Steve Vance