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Re: NST Terry Filter's

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss-at-new.rr-dot-com> 

Hi Richard,

Considering my 6" 12/120 coil loves to fire the rotory at 1/2" before
alignment (1" total) even with the phase controller, a lower rated filter
would probably be toast. (also NSTs)  Both the France and the Magnetek are
still running fine with the 15KV rated filter.  Tweaking so far on the phase
controller to lessen the gap has resulted in operation in the extreme
current mode for the NSTs. (18-20A vs.14-15A)  Low voltage testing on the
complete primary circuit resulted in a 7X voltage rise at resonance when fed
across the gap with a signal generator and o-scope.  A 7X rise is
exceptional, as normally you would see a 2-3X rise.  No wonder I have
problems with it jumping around the outside of the RSG disk and the safeties
firing.  The coil tunes at turn 7-7.2 of 8 turns.

David E Weiss

 > Original poster: "Richard Modistach" <hambone-at-dodo-dot-com.au>
 >   <<<<<I would go for the 15KV version of the filter,
 > as overrating the protection won't hurt the pocketbook
 > much, like a new NST can.>>>>>
 > wouldn't jacking the clamp voltage(overrating)
 > in the protection circuit allow exess overvoltage
 > into the nst?
 > regards
 > richard
 > aus