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Re: 19.9 kV 10KVA pole pig

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

If you only operate the pig indoors or when dry,
there's probably no real need for the huge bushings on
a custom built pig (besides the fact that they look
cool). Just look at the terminals on the average PT.
There aren't any.


--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
 > Original poster: DRIEBEN-at-midsouth.rr-dot-com
 > Hi Newell,
 > I sold a lot of my Tesla/high voltage stuff a few
 > months ago, including a
 > 10 kVA, 14.4 kV pig that list member Steve Vance
 > purchased from me. My main
 > reason for selling the stuff was that I just don't
 > have the facilities to
 > make 10 ft. lightning bolts without distrubing
 > neighbors and the sensitive
 > electronics in my own house. However, I recently
 > started suffering "pork
 > withdrawal" and ended up calling up my source for
 > rebuilt PDTs and asked
 > them to build me a 15 kVA pig. I was initially
 > wanting to go for a 19.9
 > kV pig as well but found out that the larger HV
 > bushings alone was going
 > to make it cost an extra $140. It seems that 14.4 kV
 > is the standard pri-
 > mary voltage that they handle and they had plenty of
 > 14.4 kV bushings lying
 > around the shop but the 19.9 kV bushings would have
 > to be special ordered.
 > Also, it takes more insulation and more smaller
 > diametered copper wire for
 > the high voltage side of a 19.9 kV pig than a 14.4
 > kV pig and this also
 > cost a little more. So, if you can get a 19.9 kv pig
 > at a decent price, I
 > would say go for it! The extra cost is the only
 > reason that I didn't and
 > I suspect that may be the main reason that other
 > coilers stick more with
 > the 14.4 kV pigs as opposed to higher voltage ones.
 > Also, corona standoff
 > starts to become a real issue at voltages at or over
 > 20 kV.
 > David Rieben