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Re: Plasma Balls with C60

Original poster: Ian Macky <ian.macky-at-oracle-dot-com> 

 > Yes, but in physical properties, C60 is as different from graphite as
 > diamonds are from BBQ Charcoal.

hi matt......     yes, a totally different form of carbon indeed-- but i
thought it was unknown how to make a nice "ball lightning"?  at least
very specifically.  if i was going to do some base-line experiments, i'd
try the cheap stuff first, maybe it's workable?

wax-candle soot is a good source for carbons, but what a hassle to make
and collect, far worse than that glass of mare sweat (a funny thing
happened on the way to the lab....)  graphite's so cheap and already
powdered and all.  who knows?  someone succeed then report back.