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RE: US shippers wanted

Original poster: "Philip Chalk" <phil-at-apsecurity-dot-com.au> 

Hi All,

I'm in Australia & have had the same thoughts.  I thought there's scope
for a business in it. I tend to want heavy, bulky things from ebay -
transformers, radios, etc - so shipping individually can be expensive.

More importantly, many U.S. Ebay sellers also will only ship to U.S. (or
even Continental U.S. only)

A U.S. address as a shipping destination who would hold & store items &
ship most economically in combined packages etc etc etc

Or, on a larger scale, wait till you fill a shipping container to e.g.
Sydney or London, for multiple customers, & have someone at this end
distribute locally etc.

Chris, if anyone puts their hand up, I'd like to hear from you.


Phil Chalk.

(& thanks Terry)

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Original poster: "Chris Swinson" <exxos-at-cps-games.co.uk>

Hi All,

Slightly offtopic I know, though when I buy parts from the US either via
shops or Ebay ( for teslacoil parts or whatever ) they always want to
by most expensive ways. I'd like to know if anyone over there is willing
me to have items shiped to them to post to me via regular post ? I have
paypal account so I can transfer funds easy that way. I will send a few
extra $ to the shipper for thier help since it would save me a small
in shipping costs. I know a few people here in UK who have the same
so If anyone can help please E-mail offlist. Please e-mail at
chris-at-cps-electronicsREMOVE NASTY ANTISPAM LINE.co.uk . ( thanks Terry
you let this though).