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Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2-at-yahoo-dot-com> 


Ok, that was just amazing!!!  I don't even know what
to say.  What was that intense red glow (in the second
video) when the arc made contact with your wooden
base?  Was it actually wood being vaporized, or a
reflection off the secondary?  It was hard to tell.
Your secondary diameter to arc length ratio is
phenominal.  Excellent work.


--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
 > Original poster: "Steven Ward"
 > <srward16-at-hotmail-dot-com>
 > Hey everybody!
 > Ive been holding out on the tesla list.  Anyway, i
 > "sorta" came up with a
 > new breed of SSTC (mucho thanks to Jimmy H.!!!).  Be
 > careful though, it
 > doesnt look like a SSTC:
 > http://www.hot-streamer-dot-com/srward16/I_SSTCnew.htm
 > I dont think any amount of explanation will answer
 > all questions, but i
 > will briefly explain whats going on.
 > Basically its your normal H-bridge driven SSTC.  Now
 > to make it exciting,
 > we throw in a tank cap thats tuned to Fres with the
 > primary.  Now we have
 > very low surge Z, so we can pump insane amount of
 > power into the tank (my
 > coil is probably seeing about 500A peak at worst at
 > about 6kv on the
 > tank).  To handle the high currents we use good
 > IGBTs and drive the gates
 > at 30V to lower the Vce drop.  My MMC is made up of
 > 18 caps (.15 2kv) in 3
 > strings of 6 total (75nf 12kvDC).  The burst length
 > ( the time im driving
 > the tank ) is only 170uS with several mS inbetween
 > (depending on where i
 > set the bps).
 > The current draw can be as little as 4A (low BPS) or
 > as high as 10A
 > (screaming bps) at 240VAC input.  There is 3000uf of
 > filtering to supply
 > high current to the bridge on demand (i could use a
 > bit more filtering though).
 > I lost a few IGBTs at 240V before i added TVS and
 > zeners on everything, now
 > it runs solid.
 > I need to build a cage around the electronics, im
 > very lucky it didnt zap them!
 > Enjoy!
 > Steve Ward