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Re: Large IGBT need help

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

My chips get barely warm, and I piggy back them.  A fan doesn't hurt either.
Not to mention how MUCH SIMPLER it is to just stack the ICs  rather then
wiring up an entire new socket and wasting board space.

The thermal dissapation is only a problem with chips like the TC442X which
get blazing hot in normal use.  The UCC3732X series stay cool if you're in
their operating limits.

Regards - Jim Mitchell
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 > Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation"
 > Don't stack the chips.  Put them in parallel next to each other.
 > You ruin the thermal dissipation capabilities of the increased surface
 > by stacking.
 > Dan
 >  > So, since i have these massive IGBTs, i am going to figure out how to
 >  > them work...Any body have any ideas on what to do with them?I have
 >  > of the UCC chips...What about stacking them for more current to the
 >  > IGBTs?Whatabout some kinda interruptor circuit for them?
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 >  > Matt
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