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Simple Spark Gap Designs

Original poster: "Greg McCoy" <gemccoy-at-nbnet.nb.ca> 

Hey, I'm just starting out on my Coiling "career" if you will, and I've 
decided to keep it extremely simple by following the plans you see on the 
following website: 
. Now I'm reasonably far on my way to completing the Tesla Coil on this 
page for a school project/my own interest, but It's come to my realization 
that it seems to require the secondary induction coil on this page: 
. I really would find it a tremendous help if you could point out a way 
which I could operate the Tesla coil without the necessary use of the 
Induction Coil in a manner comprehendible by my newbie self. What is the 
most simple (and preferably cheap) spark gap design I can use?

Thanks in advance,