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Re: Fwd: X-ray Pictures of HV Caps

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Your link's missing the "-dot-com".




 >>It is also 15MEG, if anybody wants to mirror it to help out ;-))  I just 
printed it and on first look it looks super cool!!!  - Terry<<

--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
 > Original poster: "Terry Fritz"
 > <terry-at-hot-streamer-dot-com>
 > >
 > >From: "Mark Rzeszotarski"
 > <mark.rzeszotarski-at-cwru.edu>
 > >
 > >Greetings All:
 > >    If you have an interest in having a look inside
 > some high voltage (HV)
 > > capacitors, take a look at the rather large 15 Mb
 > file cap_xray.pdf,
 > > placed in Terry's temp folder at
 > http://www.hot-streamer/temp
 > >I recently took a number of conventional and x-ray
 > photos of some of my
 > >collection of high voltage capacitors - for your
 > viewing pleasure.  I
 > >receive the digest form of the tesla list and
 > usually read it several days
 > >behind the current postings, so if you want to
 > correspond with me
 > >privately, send it to msr7-at-po.cwru.edu instead of
 > (or in addition to) the
 > >list.  As always, comments and flames are  welcome.
 > >Regards,