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First light for my 3 inch coil!

Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18-at-hydrogen18-dot-com> 


Woohoo! This was awesome! That setup was pretty hastily done but I was 
happy. It was really fun messing around with stuff to get the best arc. 
Best of all, the noise brought every dog in the neighborhood to a howl! 
Anyhow, I opened the gap too wide and the 4 pack MOT arced but I shut it 
down immediately and closed the gap, afterwards it worked again. My only 
concern is I would hear the hum from the pack occasionaly over the arc like 
it was getting a dead short. I really need to make a better setup than this 
though, it was the ultimate in horrible lashup. Also, my ground rod is only 
a 6 inch piece of 1/2 copper pipe hammered into the ground, should I worry 
about improving this?

A little bit of a side note, my 4 pack MOT caught on fire during the run. 
It was a faulty connection on my part, and no the rigors of tesla coil 
service causing it.