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Re: Sync Motor Wanted

Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7-at-rochester.rr-dot-com> 

Tesla list wrote:
 > Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist-at-twfpowerelectronics-dot-com>
 > Hi,
 > So folks offer MMCs and toroids...  But no "motor grinders" out there!??  I
 > know just the motor itself is like $100 new, but some people just don't
 > have the shop skills or tools...  It is a fairly trivial thing to people
 > that know what they are doing to grind, adjust, and test 1/4HP nice sync
 > motors "for sale".  Those of us that have many, will never sell "ours" ;-))


Yeah, it's trivial, but time consuming. I have the necessary equipment
to do the job, but how many would be willing to pay the $50.00 per hour
shop charge on top of the $100.00 motor cost you state to have the work

And grinding is NOT the way to do it. Especially if you're talking about
hand grinding. A vertical mill is easier and will remove material more

 > Bill Wysock offers the entire sync gap, but his rock solid pro machine
 > prices are a little high for little guys.  For just the motor, you go out
 > and buy or find the usual 1/4 HP motor, grind the flats with a grinder,
 > shim the shaft if needed, be sure it is not terribly out of balance, and
 > maybe test it with a strobe as if anything could go wrong ;-)).

Shim the shaft?

I've been selling complete asynchronous rotaries and separate rotors for
many years now and the reaction from hobbyists on a budget when they ask
for a price on a 7" rotary can be very interesting. Usually there is a
longer than normal silence. I charge $650 for a complete 7" asynchronous
rotary and that doesn't even reflect the true hours of machine and
assembly time involved.

 > After I finish my present giant project, grinding iron sounds relaxing
 > ;-))  But not for a few weeks yet...

Too bad motor armature laminations aren't iron, because that would make
the job easier. They are silicon steel and are much harder on tooling
than iron. :^)

 > Ok, I guess I am just a little surprised this cool part of Tesla coiling is
 > not a "buy off Ebay" (or anywhere else) part!!!

I guess I'm not, because there's more involved than meets the eye and a
very limited market.

Ed Wingate RATCB