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Re: Sync Motor Wanted

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net> 

Tesla list wrote:
 > Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com>
 > You are correct -- they are not salient pole.
 > The good news is --- it doesn't matter.  You turn the RSG on and bring your
 > variac up to 30%.  If the sparks are not long at 30% you just flip the RSG
 > motor power on and off once or twice (seldom takes more than twice to sync).
 > My point is you can easily tell the sync point and for some unknown reason
 > they always sync with a few flips of the power switch.
 > The entire procedure takes about 1/4 the time it took you to read this.

	Wonder if the process is leaving a bit of residual magnetism in the
rotor?  It's not clear that would do it but if so it would be easy to
discharge a capacitor through the windings at the time of turn on.