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RE: Simple Spark Gap Designs

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau-at-hp-dot-com> 

The construction suggested by the site you mention is historically
"interesting", but is not at all the easiest or most efficient way to
build it.  Rather than trying to neatly line the interior of a glass jar
with foil, it's far easier to just fill it with a conductive liquid -
saturated salt water - and stick a copper wire into it for the inside
electrode.  And folks typically float a small amount of oil on top of
the water to discourage corona.  I suggest Googling "salt water
capacitor", and you'll get a year's worth of reading.

As far as "how many jars would I need approximately per, say, 1 KV" I'm
not sure the question is correct.  The _capacitance_ required is a
function of both the voltage and current rating of an NST.  If you can
tell us the NST ratings, we can tell you the uF rating needed, and an
approximate number of 12 oz beer bottle caps needed to achieve that.

Regards, Gary Lau

Original poster: "Greg McCoy" <gemccoy-at-nbnet.nb.ca>

Ok. My only other question is: if I am using the Leyden jar seen here:
http://home.houston.rr-dot-com/molerat/ind3.htm and an NST, how many jars
I need approximately per, say, 1 KV.