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Re: Sync Motor Wanted

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 


Its really not worth taking a look at, it was a Fan motor from a microwave
oven, I ground two flats into the rotor,  and the motor seems to be doing
something at 60hz,  but it will not sync.

Regards - Jim Mitchell
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 > >But do you really want to be always flipping on and off if they don't
 > >correctly?  Is there a way to make a hysteresis motor sycn at 90 degrees
 > >every time?
 > Jim,
 > I definitely don't like the idea of flipping the switch to get it right.
 > I don't know of any way to make a hysteresis motor work "right"
 > every time.  Someone once suggested imbedding a magnet into
 > the motor rotor, but I'm not sure if that would work.  But in any
 > case why bother with the hysteresis motors?  It's easy enough
 > to modify induction motors.  But I do remember you said you had a
 > problem modifying one.  If you still have the motor you modified
 > that didn't work out, I'd be interested in seeing it if you'd like
 > to mail it to me at:
 > John Freau
 > 49 Thiem Ave
 > Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662
 > John