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Re: poor power factor coils

Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18-at-hydrogen18-dot-com> 

it doesnt matter really unless you have a low amount of power available to
you or if your utility charges you for bad PFC.

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Subject: poor power factor coils

 > Original poster: "Arpit Thomas" <arpit-at-inzo-dot-org>
 > Hi, I was thinking about the way inductive ballasts work, and I realised
 > that most of our coils will have quite shockingly bad power factors.I'm
 > very sure of the physics here, so please excuse me if I'm talking absolute
 > garbage. WIth my microwave oven transformers, 2 of them almost shorted on
 > their outputs tends to cause my 35 amp breaker to blow. However it almost
 > never blows the 16 amp fuse.  WOuld this be because of the high peak
 > currents from a poor power factor? Or does a poor power factor not imply a
 > whole lot of current in a short time, but merely a phase difference
 > voltage and current?
 > regards,
 > Arpit Thomas- thinking of ways to get the most power from his 16 amp

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