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Ebay Pole Pigs

Original poster: "makinglightning comcast" <makinglightning-at-comcast-dot-net> 

Does anyone know the story behind these pole pigs? Ebay item number


They sure look like T&R xfmrs and have a similar price structure.

I have gotten 2 T&R pigs in the past, a 5KW 14.4KV and a 15KW 19.8KV, and
the shipping was also included in my prices. I thought it was cheap compared
to neon xfmrs that don't have much power, and their protection networks that
don't work real good.
I still don't think neon xfmrs are built good enough for tesla work.

A big truck pulled up to my house and it had many pigs on it of all sizes
including REAL big ones.
I got my 5 KW a year or so ago, and the 15 KW one 10years ago.
This all was before I saw posts on how people can not get T&R pigs.

Just curious,