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Re: interesting way to make 3phase power

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net> 

 > Original poster: "Arpit Thomas" <arpit-at-inzo-dot-org>

 > a. Use microwave oven transformers to step up 240 volts to 500 or so, then
 > rectify  that. I could then use  mosfets connected to some sort of
 > miroprocessor to produce 3 phase power.  Heres the problem I see
 > though;  The rectified power will be, you know, rectified, not smooth dc.

The capacitor banks don't need to be all that big.  You can also do the
voltage step up AFTER you make the three phase.

 > I'd need big capacitor banks.Expensive. ANother option would be a  large
 > motor connected to a heavy flywheel, but thats complex, expensive, and
 > where the hell do I get a big DC motor!?

If you're going to have rotating machinery, then use the induction motor
used as a rotary phase converter approach.  Finding a surplus BIG three
phase motor is probably easier than building anything. For TC applications,
where most likely, you're going to be rectifying the output (after
transforming to a higher voltage), the load balancing across the will be
fairly good.  Googling for rotary phase converters (or, heck, checking the
list archives for the last few months) will find a lot of information.
Lindsay books sells a pamphlet on it as well.


I had proposed the 3 generator approach mostly because I was looking at the
smallish generators for other reasons, and it occurred to me that you could
use the selfsync feature another way.