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Odd facts

Original poster: "Christopher 'CajunCoiler' Mayeux" <cajuncoiler-at-cox-dot-net> 

1. I borrowed a shop-vac to try blowing high-volume
    air over my spark gap, but alas, there was no
    deviation in streamer length to attribute to this
    temporary quenching method.

2. Although streamers are varying in length from 12
    to 18 inches, the field of energy can (and will)
    raise the hair on my arm, up to 32 inches away
    from the edge of the toroid.

3. I've found out the hard way that a cup of Cola
    accidentally left on the toroid during a coil run,
    can and will act as a capacitor, and it can and
    will discharge into your tongue, if you forget
    about it, and go to take a drink from the cup
    later on.
Christopher 'CajunCoiler' Mayeux