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Re: Simple Spark Gap Designs

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com> 

There is a larger problem.  The power dissipation factor for glass is very
bad at AC and RF frequencies. Combined loss factor exceeds 20% for glass.
This type of cap best reserved for antique Leyden jar applications such as
Wimshurst machines, etc.  They work fine on DC applications.

With the price of MMC caps at $3.00/cap this is the only logical way to go.
They work at 60 Hz and TC RF frequencies and have a favorable power factor.

Dr. Resonance

 > I've not personally built salt water caps - the performance is inferior
 > to polypropylene MMC's, are bulkier, messier, etc.  But I don't believe
 > salt is a problem with corroding copper.  It may corrode the aluminum
 > foil over an extended period of time, but this won't directly impact
 > performance, and you'll probably trade up to a poly cap before that
 > happens.  Salt water caps are quick and dirty.  If you want something
 > that lasts, use polypropylene MMC's.