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Motors for sync operation.

Original poster: Bigggcoil-at-aol-dot-com 


   Lot's of talk about sync. motors lately.  Motors for sync. conversion 
are cheap and 
plenty.  Check  http//hometown.aol-dot-com/megaelectronvolt/page6.htm 
There you will find my latest sync. conversion.  It is a $24.00 Harbor 
Frieght waterpump rated at 1/2 HP ( they say) but really is more like 1/4 
HP I imagine.  Anyway pull the pump housing of the permanent split 
capacitor induction motor and there you have a nice motor with ball 
bearings, a TEFC motor at that (totaly enclosed fan over).  The armature is 
pulled out and 2 flats that are 1/3 the armature diameter are milled for a 
perfect 3600 RPM sync motor.  These pumps are regularly $35.00, but on sale 
a lot of times for $25.00.  I also use this pump for my pond and swimming 
pool, a great, cheap pump/motor for the price.

   Wal Mart sells cheap box fans and some contain 1750 RPM perminant split 
capacitor motors that do modify well for 1800 RPM sync.  They are not 
internaly cooled however and need external air over cooling or short run 
time. The motor manufacture is Lasco, look for a small box capacitor by the 
motor under the fan blade.  I bought a bunch last Summer for $14.00 each.

  Cheap bench grinders also work well, the induction motor type as there 
are some brush type bench grinders out there(older Sears).  Salvage yards & 
junk stores may have used induction motors, I find them everywhere for dirt 
cheap, $4.00 to $5.00 and most are ball bearing.  Add John Freau's 
electronic phase control and presto, instant adjustable sync gap.

Coiling in Oklahoma

Kevin E