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RE: need help tuning my coil:

Original poster: Pat Masterson <bat-at-grumman-dot-com> 

  Mark, you're right, I should do better than 5 inchs. Just cant figure
out whats wrong right now... -pat

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Tesla list wrote:

 >Original poster: "Mark W. Stolz" <mark_w_stolz-at-hotmail-dot-com>
 >I'm thinking you should probably be tapped at turn 6 or maybe 8.
 >Considering the smoothness of the toroids John Freau supplies, a breakout
 >point might be needed during the initial tuning.
 >I have a similiar coil powered by a 7.5/30 NST that produces 12", so you
 >can easily do more than 5".
 >Mark Stolz
 >Pearland, TX
 >>From: "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
 >>Original poster: Pat Masterson <bat-at-grumman-dot-com>
 >>  I need some suggestions on the poor performance of my first coil in
 >>20 years. The best I'm getting is 5 inch weak streamers, but only when
 >>tapped at turn 2 of my primary. Here are the coil's components:
 >>-primary is quarter inch refrigerator tubing space a quarter inch. I have
 >>about 10 turns on the board.
 >>-cap is 5 geek 150 NFs in series, making 30 NF.
 >>-HV is a 7500v/60 ma NST. (have RF chokes on both sides)
 >>-single static gap with a 4 inch fan blowing hard on it. A larger gap
 >>(around .06 in)
 >>seems to give best performance.
 >>-secondary is a 2.375 PVC with 1300 turns of 28 ga wire, about 18 inches
 >>of wire.
 >>-Topload is a Freau 6 inch aluminum toroid.
 >>  I have adjusted the caps from 25 NF up to 33 NF and didnt see much
 >> difference.
 >>When I move my tap out from turn 2 I lose the streamers. Any ideas whats
 >>wrong with my
 >>Thanks.  -pat