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Re: Midwest Cheesehead Teslathon

Original poster: "Terry Blake" <tb3-at-att-dot-net> 

Hi Dr,

Is the "Big Bruiser" actually operational now?
The last 2 years it was not ready in time for the Teslathon.
It will be hard to take 3 years of no "Big Bruiser".

Any news on those new transformers you were gonna get made up?

Terry Blake

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Subject: Midwest Cheesehead Teslathon

 > Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com>
 > We plan on having our Annual Midwest Cheesehead Teslathon on Sat., Sept.
 > 2004.  Time 2 PM until midnight.  A lot of time for running the coils
 > outdoors in the evening.
 > I hope many members of the TC List can make it this year.
 > We promise to have our "Big Bruiser" running with a 28 ft. long
 > spark.  Nice compact 8 ft. dia x 36 inch toroid atop this monster.
 > We invite anyone who wants to observe, eat, or bring a coil to demo.  All
 > coils both large and small welcome.
 > This year we will be giving away a free pole pig to:  the longest spark
 > from a standard Accel SuperCoil.  The setup has to survive a continuous
 > of 5 minutes (so it can't destroy the coil in 10 secs).  JEGS Automotive
 > (online) sells them for $29.95.
 > Also, a possible demonstration of a "Kinetic Resonance Energy Weapon", ie,
 > KREW.
 > We are located in south central WI approx 55 mi. northwest of Madison, WI,
 > and just a few miles off I-90/94 at the Wisconsin Dells exit Hwy 12 East.
 > Hope to see you all there.
 > Dr. Resonance
 > Resonance Research Corporation
 > E11870 Shadylane Rd.
 > Baraboo   WI   53913