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Re: CRAZY flyback ARCs!!! 5"+

Original poster: "Dan" <pbursa-at-cfl.rr-dot-com> 

Didn't you tell me that over 5 " arc from a flyback is either bad
measurement  or a lie a couple days ago ?
Well anyway, looks like you getting it.
Finally, I would say

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Subject: CRAZY flyback ARCs!!! 5"+

 > Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>
 > Hi list,
 > Today while messing with my new boards,  I took one of my DC
 > flybacks,  wound a very small primary of 10 turns,  and fired it up.  I
 > getting 5 inches PLUS until the thing starte to catch on fire ;-)  I
 > have  a video of it making 3" sparks WITHOUT DRAWING THEM.  Just striking
 > from 3" away!  This shows the true power of this board,  it is a very well
 > designed board.
 > 2.1MB MPEG
 > Regards - Jim Mitchell