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Re: Richies supressed SSTC design?

Original poster: Kreso Bukvic <kreso.bukvic-at-kc.htnet.hr> 

I ordered the parts allready :-(

Problem with Steves driver is that i cannot get parts here in croatia and i
do not want to bug Terry evry day :-)

Why is Richies SSTC so hard?

Easy to build only 1 IC

But set up cant a singe scope do? It has pot that says tunning so whe can
tune the coil by turn of a pot?

Best Regards

Kreso Bukvic
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Subject: RE: Richies supressed SSTC design?

 > Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner-at-optosci-dot-com>
 >  >Why did it supress his original design? I plan to try it,
 >  >he does not answer e-mails so does anybody else know? Built it?
 > The schematic that says "superseded" on it, is because he discovered that
 > schottky isolation diodes and ultrafast bypass diodes were needed. You
 > find another schematic on his site that includes these.
 > Richie's oscillator circuit works well, but it's harder to build and set
 > than the antenna feedback circuit Steve Ward uses. So I would probably
 > recommend one of Steve's designs.
 > Steve C.