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Vote for Tesla!

Original poster: Chris Roberts <quezacotl_14000000000000-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Hi all,

I know that we already had an election like this a while ago, but bear with 
me. My coiling buddy recently found the website of the Jones soda company 
(I know it's not that well known but some of you might recognize it) where 
you get to send in a picture and if enough people like it, it could end up 
on one of their labels. He decided to post our coil for a shot at it. So if 
you would like to help, go here:


and give your (hopefully good) rating. (You don't even have to sign up or 
anything) Think of it as if it gets on the label, it will better 
familiarize the public about Tesla!


"The trouble is not that the world is full of fools, it's just that 
lightning isn't distributed right." -Mark Twain