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Geek Group Science and Technology Fair and Teslathon

Original poster: "Mark Broker" <mbroker-at-thegeekgroup-dot-org> 

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Geek Group will be hosting a well-publicized science and technology 
fair/Teslathon on Saturday, October 30 from noon until 5, with the 
Teslathon lasting until "late," at our Avalon Science Facility in 
Kalamazoo, Michigan.  In addition to our usual high voltage and high energy 
"toys," we will have displays, demonstrations, and informative talks on 
many aspects of science and technology set up for the public.  Our "usual 
toys" consist of Gemini, our 12kVA Twin Tesla Coils, and Thumper, our 
electrolytic capacitor discharge bank (now with 180 capacitors!), our new, 
not-yet-functional 50W YAg laser, our portable demo fusor, and too many 
more to be named.  We are actively publicizing this event on the local 
college campusses and the local K-12 school district, and expect somewhere 
between 200 and 1000 visitors during the 5 hour event (we had about 250 at 
our Grand Opening on July 31).

The Teslathon will be going on more or less continuously throughout the 
day, but we expect that most attendees will be more interested in the other 
goings-on than the thon.  So we plan to keep the festivities going by 
allowing Teslathon attendees to stay until they're too tired to play 
anymore.  The Avalon Science Facility has room for Steve Ward's monster 
DRSSTC *indoors*, so time of day is not much of a concern.  But we do have 
a nice area just outside our main lab for very large Tesla Coils, should 
someone desire to bring a certifiably gargantuan TC.  We have both 120/240 
and 480V 3ph easily available.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for people to come out and see 
first-hand what The Geek Group is all about as well as show off some toys 
to the public and other HV enthusiasts.  For instance, Bert Hickman's 
wonderful Lichtenberg Figure display would be a great hit with the crowd, 
as would Terry Blake's high-power green laser and beautiful 
secondaries.  (yes this is a big hint ;) )

People who plan to attend need not respond, but we would appreciate a 
reponse from those who plan to bring something to show so that we can plan 
space and power/lighting accordingly.  We can have space available for 
swap/trade items, should this also be desired.  We can supply a list of 
local hotels for out-of-towners as well.

Please respond to me directly so that we keep a single go-to person.  Thank 

See you there!!

Mark Broker
Chief Engineer, The Geek Group