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Re: homemade transformer

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In a message dated 2/1/05 7:37:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
I'd go out and get a book by Lowndes called Practical Transformer Design or
something similar. That has a lot of generalized and specific data on
building your own transformers, particularly for one-off.

That's Eric Lowdon's "Practical Transformer Design Handbook". My copy was published by Sam's, copyright 1980, 1st ed., 2nd printing 1981. Now out of print, I hear.
Worth its weight in gold.
Very little on polyphase, high-frequency, current limiting, or high-voltage design ("Very high voltages are another subject and are not covered in this book.").
Interesting excerpt: "Then if you want to be really adventurous and possibly find an early grave in a careless moment, transformers for gas-discharge lamps can be obtained with secondary winding ratings up to 15,000 volts at 120mA."

-Phil LaBudde