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Re: homemade transformer

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

Hi bobby...

you have a problem with the transformer already

if you plan to use 120VAC and 20 amps with the expected voltage of 15KV, you can at best only get 100mA out of it...

to get 15KV at 500mA on 120VAC input you will need to have about 60 A of current available..

as far as transformers go .... volts X current in = volts X current out ( plus some losses due to core losses, wire resistance etc)

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Bobby Amaya <dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jim/everyone,
I am perferably looking for plans to build a
transformer with an imput of 120v 5-20Amp and an
output of around 15kv and at least 500mA. Sorry for
the confusion ;-)