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Re: Variac rebuild

Original poster: Blake Hartley <teslaspud@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

I got around to trying to wind the variac, and there is a problem: no
matter how hard I try, I cant get the wire on the inside to form two
layers. I would give up, but I have a small spool of 20 AWG wire and a
chunk of iron that isnt going anywhere fast, so I am going to make one
layer on the inside of the form, which will half the number of turns,
making it 148. Would this work well ( i am running on 120 AC)? Also, i
am going to put the tap points on the 23rd turn from both sides. Any
comments on this design would be much appreciated.


On Thu, 03 Feb 2005 07:30:27 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx> > > Blake, > > Looking at thoseindustrial variacs, I tend to think I am loking at a > genuine example of industrial art. > Getting the wire trough that small hole in the center is the hard part, as > I see it. That`s why I had the core made so big for my project. Not so neat > and refined as the professionally evolved types, but manageable on a hand > work level. > Another thing, the contact area: on pro stuff, the wires are rolled flat, > you will have to file it flat, which decreases the cross section. more heat > in a critical spot. > I see these hand winding endeveours as zen activity, more than anything, > and rewarding as such. > I wish you luck! > Cheers, Finn Hammer > > > Tesla list wrote: > > >Original poster: Blake Hartley <teslaspud@xxxxxxxxx> > > > >All, > > > >Maybe you remember, but a while ago my four amp variac brokedown due > >to several burned and broken turns. Seeing Finn Hammers homemade > >variac inspired me to dig up the remains to see if it would be > >possible to rebuild. I took all of the stuff off except for the core > >and windings, and the physical specs of the core are as follows: > >height=2.9", ID=2", OD=4.1". It is wound 45 turns until the first tap > >point, 206 turns in between the two tap points, and 45 more turns > >until the last turn. The inside is two layered, but the outside is > >single layered (because the inside radius is ~ half the outside > >radius.) I plan to figure out the type of wire and re-wind it in the > >same manner as it was wound. would this work, or is there any other > >way i should go? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks > > > >Cheers, > > > >Blake > > > > > > > >