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RE: Ultra tiny coils!

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


>Your power supply link is wrong.  For those looking for the power supply
schematic I found it at:

Link changed thanks..

The psu is based on Steve Connors IGBT Brick driver that then turned into a
fly back driver
The details are under Tiny Tess

Those figures of 0.5pF and 140nH were to show how wrong most tesla calc
programs can be.. They were taken from wintesla  as an example. Torroid 0.5"
x 0.1" = 500fF, primary coil 4T x 1mm on a 7mm former.
I agree with your maths Terry, but I suspect that the coil is not working at
I don't actually have the equipment to measure the resonant Frequency, my
frequency counter stop's at 15Mhz and my scope has a bandwidth of 20Mhz, all
I can say is the Frequency is greater than 20Mhz. My own "feeling" is around

In my own tests ceramic caps do not perform as well as poly's as primary

Primary voltage is about 2Kv, BPS is approximately, errrr... high?? From the
effect on my dog probably in the 10-20Khz range, the SG produces a loud