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Re: Trembler coil

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Hi Ed

What is "an auxilliary wedge between
the reed and the core"?

Cheers, Chris (NZ)"

	Realized that was a bit obscure after I wrote it.  With most any
vibrating-reed interruptor increasing the tension on the reed will
increase the vibration rate and result in more power input/output.  I've
usually stuck half a spring clothespin (whittled down if necessary)
between the case of the coil and the reed and then tightened the tension
screw (maybe not tension, but the nut you can turn on a Ford coil) while
playing around for maximum spark length.  One minute of experiment is
betgter than a lot of words.  IF you do this right you can get a marked
increase in performance without burning up the points TOO much.  When I
started out as a kid coils were available by simply taking a bike ride
to the junk yard and pulling them out of cars.  After the WW2 scrap
drives that source dried up but it was still possible to get new coils
at Western Auto for about two dollars each, with replacement reed for
about two bits.