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Re: power factor correction

Original poster: Dan Kunkel <dankunkel@xxxxxxxxx>

hi bobby,

PFC's help reduce the inductive lag. inductors oppose changes in
current, while capacitors oppose changes in voltage. the primary coil
in your NST has a lot of inductance, so you are going to need a lot of
capacitance to balance it out.

(this assumes you are putting 120 vac @ 60 Hz)

PFC's are NOT required, they just help to bring the voltage and
current in phase with each other, there by reducing total current draw
from you electric company and lowering you electric bill. this is
important for home air conditioners, fridgerators etc...

hope this helps,

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 07:46:43 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: Bobby Amaya <dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi everyone,
> Can someone please explain to me what "power factor
> correction" is and how can I calculate the capacitance
> I need for my 15kv 30mA NST( the name plate says it
> consumes 3.8A 120V) and for my 12kv 30mA NST.
> Thanks in advance :-)
> Bobby,
> =====