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Re: Meter Shunts ??

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

An additional comment, In old radio transmitters the current meter was
mounted recessed behind the front panel a inch or so to protect finger
meter readers from high voltage as the meter was at high voltage potential.
      Robert   H

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> Subject: Re: Meter Shunts ??
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> Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> "A shunt is nothing more than a low value resistor. Current through the
> shunt
> causes a voltage drop across it such that V = I x R.
> Stephen A. Mathieson"
> It's quite a little more than that. Most importantly, its a 4-terminal
> resistor! Heavy current flows through the main terminals while the
> meter is connected to a second pair of terminals. That way contact
> resistance is minimized and any connection resistance in the
> high-current circuit has no effect on the reading.
> Ed